In Silo Art Factory, a unique workshop of ceramic art learning welcomes children and adults alike.

Open for pupils, students, travelers and companies of five and more.

     With cheer and laugh, we mold the clay and each one of us create our own piece of art. With the aid of teachers, we make ceramics and learn the history of ceramic art. Everyday from 10:00 until 16:00, the workshop waits for us and becomes ours, for an hour or an hour and a half for a magnificent creative game. (lessons start every one hour)

An experiential and at the same time artistic experience, which all of us should live. The visit to Mycenae and immediately afterwards the contact with the ceramic art of ancient Mycenaeans, will remain unforgettable. 

The acquaintance with the Greek popular art, the antique furniture, the recycled materials and tools, the art of painting and sculpture, will fill us with sentiments and pictures.

The Seminars of ceramics costs 15 ~ 25 euros per individual and includes conducted tour in the space and the workshops. The simple visit in Silo Art Factory is Free of charge.